Non Academics

The religious culture, that touches every aspect of one’s life, including the scene of things in which one lives, was imbibed naturally from one’s home and the cultural atmosphere of the immediate community. With modernization, urbanization and the shrinkage of family units, children do not have the opportunity to know and understand the Vedic culture. Children therefore need to study their heritage in an instructive way if they are to imbibe it in their own lives. Children have to be taught methodically the religious cultural forms and their meaning. Keeping this in view, we have introduced classes in Vedic Heritage for children of different age groups from class I to IX

The word culture implies the integrated patterns of human behavior that includes thoughts, communications, actions, customs, beliefs, values, and institutions of racial, ethnic, religious, or social groups. Knowledge of arts, crafts, communications, value systems and the like is essential for the wholesome and comprehensive development of a child. In a competitive environment as we have today, a child cannot afford to be a Bookworm. He must acquire knowledge and focus on cultural fields also. With inflationary trend, it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to arrange for such classes individually. So our school has taken the initiative to introduce cultural classes as part of our non scholastic curriculum. We offer training in Dance (both western and Classical), Carnatic music and instrumental music – violin, guitar, Flute, Keyboard and Tabela. Cultural classes are conducted twice a week for primary and middle classes.

As part of our Non Academic Programme we train children in varied activities under the banner of Sindhu Cultural Centre and the House System. The pupils of the School are divided into four groups called Houses in order to inculcate in them a sense of loyalty to a group and promote a healthy spirit of competition in all school activities and to develop in them qualities of leadership. The Houses are named after four great leaders of India. The following colours are assigned to the Houses:



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