Best Practices

Students who feel connected to school have both, positive academic and behavioural outcomes. That ‘connect’ sets in only when students believe that the school not just focuses on their academic growth, but also provides an environment where they grow holistically and deeper in values. At Sindhi Model MHSS, every child is given a myriad of experiences, which reinforces that belief. Our BEST PRACTICES make schooling a great experience for our students. It prepares them for life, as they not only learn a skill but also gain an experience. This will hold good for the rest of their lives. The best practicesthat we endorse in our curriculum are as follows:

Satya Divas

Truth is the first chapter, in the book of wisdom. Sathya means truth, to inculcate the habit and importance of speaking truth, we observe Sathya Diwas on every Monday. One day at a time and the first chapter is laid deep in our children’s mind.

Swachh Diwas

Cleanliness may be defined to be the emblem of purity of the mind. A clean environment is a healthy environment and keeps children away from diseases. Thursday is celebrated as Swachh Diwas and children run small errands to maintain health and hygiene in school.

Gadget Free Day

Good gadgets are like stars, you always don’t see them but you know they are there. Gadgets have influenced man’s life to a great extent. Children of today should realise that there is life even beyond gadgets. Our innovative idea of Friday being a no gadgets day, motivates our students not to use them and they indulge in creative and better ways to spend their day.


Every activity in school life plays a significant role in development of students. Co-curricular activities are an essential part of school life and help in enhancing learning

Process of students at school. Co-curricular activities are meant to bring social skills, intellectual skills, moral values,

Personality progress and character appeal in students. In order to ensure our student’s holistic development, we have a number of Add Ons to our curriculum like, Yoga, Vedic Maths, Handwriting and Spoken English as part of our curriculum structure.

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