Principal's Message

School Pledge

“I am the centre of the circle of my life, while all other relationships and situations enlighten me towards my ultimate destination.”

At the outset, I am fortunate to be an Educationist. I am honoured and blessed to be with young minds sculpting them in to worthy citizens.

The prime law of nature in life is – “Matha, Pitha, Guru Devo Bhava.” This enchanting relationship is not – ‘what you mean to them, but it is what they mean to you.

The driving force to behold your Parents closer to your heart is a very valuable instinct as they are the pillars of support and strength propelling you towards success .

Then comes your Guru, who sows the seed of Enlightenment to liberate you from ignorance.

Your faith in Matha, Pitha, Guru and Deivam will fill your life with fruits of love, reverence and wisdom.

Friends, Education is wholesome development of personality prevailing in you. Always be on the march to expand your horizons to accomplish your goals.

With great faith, I am delighted to have your co-operation, confidence and good-will to take this illustrious citadel to greater heights of fame.

My sincere prayers to the Almighty to shower His gracious blessings on this blessed Institution.

All the best

Smt. R.Usharani Sankar M.A.,B.Ed.,