Principal's Message

School Pledge

We the pupils of Seth P.D. Hinduja Sindhi Model Senior Secondary School do hearby take the pledge

Permeability of mind is the need of hour. Study the word again, you will notice the word 'ability'.Allow something new everyday to penetrate your mind. Do not be too rigid, in accepting or assimilating new ideas.

This is the kind of culture or civilisation we want. Infact, ironically, our forefathers had the broad mind to accept anything new that had happened at that time. Sadly, somewhere on the way we lost it and we try to take shelter under the cover 'Convention'. A barrier for progress cannot be a convention. Just a hundred and fifty years ago, an Indian king, the great astronomer - Raja Jai Singh of Jaipur, accepted several new concepts put forth by pundits of his day. He lived in the ancient city Ujain. He always advised his people to be ready to accept changes. Ofcourse, positive one! if you want to have solace, turn to ancient history. You have a treasure of knowledge and experience. Present day Information Highway will take you much faster than you expect. History and Computer! see the modern blend. This is what is meant by 'change'.

All the best

Dr. T.M.J. Padmanabhan